A Lesson in Trust


  I seemed to be under the delusion that I'd posted recently on this blog, when in fact, time had slipped away from me and it's been more like three and a half months since I've posted. Wow! I suppose the summer was just eventful, and time slipped away from me slowly.

 Rather than grace you with some long, drawn out post full of highlights from this past summer, I'll share one thing with you. And it has nothing to do with how my summer was.


  This. This verse has been prominent in my life for months. Not that I hadn't read it before, or hadn't understood it before, but it didn't really mean anything to me until now. Life has been chaotic for awhile, and things just seem so stressful and crazy sometimes, that it's hard to even determine what to do. What the next step should be. Not even in just one, isolated part of my life, but chaos has seemingly wormed it's way into every aspect of my life and it hits me hard sometimes. 
  The biggest reason I think I've been honing in on these verses is because it's a reminder of the things I need to work on. Truthfully, it is an encouragement, but it's more so there as a smack in the head, to remind me to just trust. Just trust. Easier said than done, but it's something I'm working on. Something I'm trying to remind myself of every single day.

  When you're in an unpredictable and chaotic situation, it's hard to hash out what is going on sometimes. It's like everything is moving and changing, and you're frozen in time, wondering where to move. This is where these verses come in and keep me levelheaded; bring me to a place of remembering to just trust. Sometimes I need to remind myself to trust like the act of trusting is the same as breathing. Trust in, trust out, trust always, trust to keep going. Then comes the part about not leaning on your own understanding. I think our tiny glimpse of the situation we're in can be deceiving without the ability to view it amidst the bigger picture. Finally, we come to the last part. Now, some may like to skip to the whole, "He will make your paths straight" part, but you really can't. "In ALL thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." I have to remember that acknowledging Him and His power and His presence, is almost like letting go and letting Him take over. Not that He's not in control all of the time, but it's the trusting and the letting go that's required to let Him direct our paths. 
   I have a theory that this doesn't mean that our lives will become any less chaotic or crazy or confusing, but I think it just means that the trusting, and the letting go, allow us to be free to live in spite of it. Even in the thick of life, and in the hardest, craziest parts, letting go and letting Him work through our situation allows a freedom. A freedom to just be, to trust as we breathe, and let Him pave our way. 

With love and hugs,


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