When Things Aren't Looking Up

Hello there,

   I was thinking today about the phrase, "things are looking up." Mostly because I wrote it down to remind myself that things, in fact, are looking up. Then, I got to thinking about it a little deeper, and what if I'm wrong? 

  What if things aren't looking up? What if things are never looking up or down, but it all depends on the view I have? What if it's not a matter of waiting for things to be seemingly good at all, but a matter of fixing our eyes toward heaven and realizing that we should be looking up. We shouldn't be waiting for things to get better, or for life to "work itself out." We should be fixin' our eyes on Jesus, to realize that the only real, consistent good in our lives is this Lord and Savior of ours. 

  Sure, life can be good. Life can be really good, yet, at the same time, bad things do still happen. We don't always get what we want; nothing ever happens exactly as we wish. That sounds cynical and negative and like a bad view to have on life, but if you think about it, what good is there in the world if the One who created good itself isn't our focus? 


   I'm a firm believer that the quality of your life isn't determined by what's going on in it, because, like it or not, life isn't 100% butterflies and rainbows. Your quality of life is determined by the perspective you have. If your gaze is fixed on this world, sure life is always going to be bad. There will always be a financial problem, or a family problem, or a work problem, or some disease going around, or war, or famine, or poverty. Yet, if you fix your gaze on Jesus, and look skyward (because that's about as close to heaven as I feel we can get on this earth), you see life through an almost different set of eyes. You still understand that life is hard. You know that you won't always be fine, you won't always be fantastic, and you won't always have the most joyful seasons, but in the midst of all of that, there's a Savior, who came to save. There's a God out there who has yours and my best interest at heart, and even if life seems perfectly miserable; His goodness still abounds in the brokenness. His goodness doesn't falter, regardless of your circumstances.

  I've come to the conclusion that life won't ever be perfect, there will always be problems, always be challenges, but if we turn our gaze upward, heavenward... we might just find the goodness in the midst of the craziness. 

 Usually when things are looking up, it's because you are looking up. If something feels impossibly difficult, just lift your gaze a little higher. And when you're too weak to fix your eyes on Him, He's there to gently lift your chin just a bit higher til your gaze it right where it always should be; fixed on Jesus. 

                                                    Kelsey :)


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