We Are God's Children


   I've had an interesting and wonderful week. Some church friends needed help with their grandkids, so I agreed to stay a week with them and help out with the three little ones. The kids are awesome! I love each and every one of them and they're so sweet. 

  The Lord has taught me a lot this week about myself, kids, and Himself. One thing that really stuck out to me was the way children are with new people. I was practically a stranger to these kids and for some reason, they liked me. Almost instantly. It was really strange to see, because that's not the way older people act. None of us like someone right away. Granted, there are some cases where that happens, but more often than not, we older folks (listen to me, speaking like I'm eighty) tend to distrust first and ask questions later. We're skeptical, we assume the worst a lot of times. 

 I arrived at our friends' house Monday night, and by Wednesday morning, the four year old, Lexy, was already snuggled in my lap falling asleep. She already liked me, already liked being around me, and more than anything; she trusted me. 
 As one who doesn't trust people easily, this was a new experience for me. I didn't remember ever being like that when I was her age; trusting people from practically word one. 

  After thinking about this for the next couple of days, I realized something; this is the closest example to what our relationship with the Lord should be like that we're ever going to see. I truly believe God wants us to trust first and ask questions later. That's not always easy, but it's what He wants. He knows better than we do and understands what we need at any given time. 

  Then yesterday, we were walking around in a parking garage and Lexy grabbed my hand. Just like that, she grabbed it, knowing she'd be safer if she held my hand. 
   Last night, in her room, she was going to jump from one bed to another (she's the cutest little stuntman ever!!), and I put my arms out and she jumped, knowing if she fell, I'd catch her. 

   That right there is exactly what the Lord wants from us. He wants unconditional, complete trust. He wants us to put our small hands into his strong, large ones, with the knowledge that He'll keep us safer than we can keep ourselves. He wants us to jump without thinking, realizing that no matter how high it might seem, how far it might seem, how daunting the jump, if we fall; He'll catch us. We are God's children. We are small and weaker than He is, and He's there; strong and powerful. Ready to catch us, or hold our hand, or keep us safe, so long as we trust Him completely with the same childlike trust like we once had for people older than us. 

                                                  Kelsey :)

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