When You're Lacking Inspiration

Hello there,

  Twenty days. It's been exactly twenty days since I last posted on this little blog of mine. I wish I could say that I was heartbroken because of this, but to be perfectly honest, I only thought of it maybe once or twice. 
    I guess I tend to just forget to post, or I lack inspiration. Being in a place where I lack inspiration isn't fun whatsoever. It's like I rack my brain and rack my brain and can't find anything. No matter what kind of creative juices I try to muster up, they just don't show up. 

                          (I live in New England, so we have a lot of this right now)

   Despite these past twenty days, my inspiration is coming back; slowly, but surely. Bits and pieces of little smidgens of ideas come about, and I realize that sometimes it just takes a little extra thinkin'. 

   I hope you're all doing well, and I hope to be posting soon!

                                        Kelsey :)

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