Dear Ol' Saint Nick

Hey there!

  The Christmas season slammed upon us like a hurricane, did it not? I don't mind, though. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. So, in honor of that; here is your next Thursday letter!

   Dear Santa,

  We've had some good times, you and I. We've always had a good-standing relationship and you've blessed me with many, many wonderful gifts. I don't deserve any of it, so thank you.

  In recent years, though, I've come to an eye-opening revelation:

  You're great and jolly and all, but Santa, you aren't Jesus. 

 I'd like to say I've known that for years and years and that I've always been about Jesus during the Christmas season, but I haven't. I've been selfish and greedy and all about the gifts, lights, cookies, and tinsel and I lost true sight of the magic of Christmas.

  Because, Santa, no matter how jolly you are, how generous you are, how magical you are... Jesus was the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.

 I mean, the God of the entire universe, basically allowed a part of himself to come down, grow, and be put together in the womb of a young virgin, and was born, as the most vulnerable creature that this earth has: a baby. Flash forward a few decades; this baby is now preaching and teaching and witnessing and bringing more and more to the kingdom, and healing people. He then died on a cross. Died one of the most torturous deaths for things he didn't even do, for me. And everyone else.

  So Santa, you're great. Wonderful even, but you're definitely no Jesus!

                         Kelsey :)

   Okay everyone, among the stockings, and tinsel, and bright lights, and jolly, bearded men, remember that Jesus was the first gift, and the greatest gift. Try not to lose sight of that, okay?

                                               Kelsey :)

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