A Letter to a Hurting Heart

Hello there!

  I couldn't really think of someone to write to this week, and then I figured, why choose just people I know? Why not branch out a little? So, here it goes:

  Dear Hurting Heart,

 Yes, I'm talking to you out there. You. Who has struggled and fought for life. Who has felt down in the dumps, and as high as the sky, and everywhere in between. This letter is to anyone out there who's really hurting right now. Today. In this moment. 

 Whether you're having an everyday problem, or a monumental, life-altering problem, just know that there's someone there for you who won't leave you, always remembers you, and always wants what is best for you. And He loves you. More than you can possibly fathom.

 If you're heart is aching, or broken, take it to him. "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you," (1 Peter 5:7 NIV). Pour out your heart to the Lord. Tell Him what you're feeling, relate your problems to Him. We sometimes don't pray for everything, because we feel like it's too unimportant and God won't care about it. But he does. Because he cares about YOU!

 Your life might feel difficult, but you can handle it! You can handle whatever life throws your way, because you have a God who is bigger than anything that could possibly come about in your life. 

 Remember this week, that your always going to have some sort of trial in life, but HE is your leaning post when you can't keep going. 


          If you feel like someone needs to read this, feel free to share it with them. Everyone could use a little reminder sometimes of the love God has for each and every one of us. 
                   Kelsey :) 

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