I'm Failing NaNoWriMo (And I'm Not Really Bothered By It)

Hey there!

 So, as you know, I wrote a few posts before November started about this year's NaNoWriMo. I hyped it up, made it sound like I was going to write tirelessly, without fail for days! Yeah, I'm failing. 

 Before you say, "Oh my goodness! Kelsey is failing! I cannot believe it! She sounded like she was so determined! Wow!" let me explain. I don't really mind that my word count is only at 2,000. Because this year I am busy. Not too busy, but busy. And I've kind of decided that this year, if I want to write anything, at all, I'd rather do it in my own time than in a time crunch. Believe me, I still love doing NaNoWriMo, and I might pick it up again next year, I just don't really have as much ambition this year. Who knows? In a few days I may pick it up again and attempt to add to my word count, but I'm not going to make it my goal to finish within November. Maybe I'll finish, maybe I won't, but I don't want to be as crushed if I don't hit my word count within the time given. 

 So to those of you who are religiously, continuously writing, I want to wish you a hearty good luck! Because I understand what it's like to just keep writing and writing, trying to hit your word count! Write wonderfully, write in your own special way, just write!

                                                  Kelsey :)

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