Dear Little Sister

Hey there,

 This post is going to be a little weird, because I'm writing it to someone who's never existed. Someone I only wanted to exist. So, here it goes;

Dear Little Sister,

 It seems a little silly to be writing a letter to someone who never has, and might never be, apart of my life. I've never had a little sister, only a little brother, and I love him to death, but I've always envied the relationship my brothers have had. I've never had that closeness with another person growing up in the same household as me. That's probably a key factor in why I was a loner for so long. Sure, Nathan and Jacob fight, but they're still brothers, and they have a bond that I don't, and won't, ever understand. 

 You've never existed, but when I was younger, I used to imagine you did. I used to imagine I would have a little sister one day that I could give advice to, and be best friends with, and love forever! I imagined you'd have matching brown or hazel eyes to one of our parents. I imagined you'd have the curls I always wanted, but I'd be okay with it, because I'd love you so much. I imagined you'd be the sweetest girl I'd ever met. I imagined you'd look up to me, like Jacob looks up to Nathan. 

 But, little sister, life doesn't always turn out how we want it to. We don't always get the little sister we wanted, and that's okay. Because God doesn't just hand us everything we want on a silver platter. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that we don't always get what we want and that's okay. Do I still wish you existed? Absolutely! I prayed for years when I was little that somehow, some way I'd get the little sister I always dreamed of having! Whether I got her at 2 or 20 years old. I just wanted you. I wanted you to be a real, live person, instead of some imaginary friend I had dreamed up. I wanted to be the cool, big sister who took you places, and talked you through broken hearts, and loved and understood you when you felt like nobody else in the world did. 

 I was always a little disappointed that I never got the little sister I hoped and prayed for, but I have so much family, that I know God didn't give me you on purpose. Because there are so many other women/girls/ladies in my life that I love just as much as I know I would've loved you. Even though I do wish I had you, I'm so glad I have the girls in my life that I do. Because they're all amazing. 

 So, little sister, you don't exist. But even though I wish you did, God knows what He's doing, and I love my brothers to the moon and back! Nothing could ever replace my brothers!


   So there ya have it, folks! :) My letter for the week. Another one shall be coming to you next Thursday, so stay tuned. 

                                            Kelsey :)

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