Being Torn isn't Fun, but Maybe It's Necessary

Hello there, beautiful people!

   This week has just been one of those weeks where I can't seem to shake this unsettling feeling that something is about to happen in my life. Something big. And to say that I'm nervous as to what that is would be an understatement. Because, looking back on some of the things I've done within the past few years are just mind boggling to me, like I have absolutely no idea how I've done some of these things, and I know that they're small in comparison to the things I'll probably do in the future.

   Right now, I'm kind of in a dilemma. One of those dilemmas where you're stuck in between two really hard choices and you have no clue which one to make. Which is why prayer is so necessary for me right now. It is all the time, but I've found myself whispering little prayers everywhere lately. 

   I think we all come to points in our lives where we become torn. Whether it be between two jobs, two relationships, two really important, life-changing decisions. Whatever it may be, we all come to these places in our lives where we're stuck at a fork in the road. And a lot of times, we have no idea what decision to make. We try really hard to think things through for fear of making the wrong decision, and we try our hardest not to mess it up. But I'm not exactly sure that this is the right way to go about handling a tough decision.

   When we're torn, I think God wants us to ask Him what to do. He wants us to seek His guidance, and figure out what He wants us to do. Because how are we actually following God's plan for our lives, if we don't look to Him to find out what exactly that is? 
   Being torn isn't fun, but maybe it's necessary to bring us closer to God. Maybe, just maybe, by seeking Him, we're drawing closer to Him and His will instead of just going by what the most logical solution is in our own heads. 

  So yes, maybe a huge decision is facing you right now, but maybe that's God's way of trying to gently guide you back closer to Him. 

                                                                          Kelsey :)

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