Something Important

Hello there, beautiful people!

    It's been awhile hasn't it? Well, I've been good. Just living mostly. Life seems to be moving quicker than I ever thought it would. I mean, we're almost done with October! That seems a little crazy.

   In reading my Bible, I've noticed one thing that's repeated quite a lot. I think we've all heard it before, and we all know it in the back of our minds, but we don't always live it.
   What am I talking about? I'm talking about LOVE.

       I'm talking about the parts where it says to love one another. I think a lot of us believe that when this is said, it's all about that sweet feeling we get in the pit of our stomach just by looking at someone we care about. That's all fine and dandy and all, but I don't think that's what our Lord was talking about when He said this.

     I truly believe He's talking about love as a verb. Love as an action. The unconditional love we're all still trying to comprehend, because it's such a contrary concept to what we've believed or been told all of our lives. God wants us to love each other as Jesus loved during His time on this little earth of ours. 
   To love regardless of how we're being treated, regardless of what we're getting out of it, and regardless of who the recipient is. We're called to love everyone, not a fraction of society that we deem worthy of our love. Because isn't that how He loved and loves us? 
   Jesus loved the lowliest of the low, because that's His character. Because regardless of what the latest societal belief is, He loves the unlovable. This is how we're supposed to love. This is how we're told to love. This is what He wants from us.

   But shouldn't we want it too? Shouldn't we want to love everyone too? Regardless of what we're getting out of it? 

   We're not supposed to pick and choose who we love. We're supposed to love everyone. Collectively. As a whole. We're supposed to love them with our actions. Because I've found that sometimes you can say, "I love you," 647,000,000 times, but if you're not showing it, the person you claim to love isn't getting the message.

  This has really been on my heart for the past few days, and I felt the need to share. Friends, love others. Because not only, as humans, do we need love, but we need to give it. Love has been so cheapened by the stereotypes it's been given. As if it's just some fairytale thing that can be tossed around like some sort of football. No, love is the basis of all. Because if we tear away money, fame, power... what do we have left? What's left to crave? What's left to thrive off of? Love. That's it. That's the answer. Because God is love, and if God is the answer, then it's only fitting to say that love is the answer. 

                                           Have a wonderful night!
                                                 Kelsey :)


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