I'm Learning a Lot and Loving It

Hello there, beautiful people!

As most of you know, I started eleventh grade this year. Junior year of high school, whoa man! :) 

School has been amazing. Most years I don't say that. I've always liked school, heck even really liked it, but I have had trouble over the past few years with getting into what I'm doing.

But this year is different. Because I'm learning a ton. If I were asked to pick a favorite subject, I don't think I could because I just love them all! Physics, geometry, history, english, Bible, Spanish, Art! I love it all! I feel like I'm so into learning new information lately. I just want to learn everything I can about anything I can. 

More importantly than just school this year, I'm learning a lot about God, who He is, and what He wants for me. I don't have any definitive idea about what He wants from me yet, but I'm learning. And it's awesome!!

                                                  Kelsey :)

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