A New Haircut, Bad Quality Pictures, and Spiderman

Hello there, beautiful people!

   It's a gorgeous October day here in New England and I felt the need to post. Not necessarily about the day, but just about something. 

   First off, isn't Fall just gorgeous? Fall in New England is my favorite!  The colors, the smells, the chills.. It's amazing!

      The picture above is from last fall, 364 days ago actually :) The colors weren't completely change yet, but it was definitely beautiful!

    I got a hair cut yesterday. I seem to be getting those more frequently lately. I'm always into changing my hair for some reason.

      The picture quality is pretty bad, because I used my tablet's camera (which is very low quality) instead of my camera, but it gives you the idea of what my hair looks like. It's pretty short. Also, I make really creepy faces in pictures, just sayin'. 

      My Mom was laughing at me on Sunday, because I needed a new toothbrush and I picked the pack of Marvel Superhero toothbrushes at the store. So now I have a spiderman toothbrush that's intended for seven year old boys. Oh well... 

      Fall is bringing in a lot of changes. And not just in the colors of the leaves. Life is changing constantly, and sometimes I feel like it's all going by so fast, but other times I feel like it's in this slow motion and I can enjoy each and every little moment. I guess life speeds up the older you get... or so I've been told. Let's hope it doesn't. Because I want to live a little more in this moment before we jump to the next.

                                         Kelsey :)

P.s. I'm sorry this post is kind of randomized, but I'll try to have something a little more intriguing next time, I promise :)

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