A Letter to My Future Self (And pssst! Some Changes Are Coming!)

Dear Future Self,

   Maybe you forgot about this letter for a long time, but you've just found it, have no idea what you said and want to get some words of wisdom from your former self. Or maybe you're just reminiscing about the past and want to laugh at your teenage years. 

   Either way, it's me. *ahem*, sorry, you. I don't know exactly where you are right now or how old you are, but I hope and pray that you're doing well. By well, I don't necessarily mean you're happy, I just hope you're full of joy. The difference between the two is that happiness can be temporary, but joy is a feeling that lasts. A feeling you feel deep down inside that reminds you of what living really is. 

   I hope and pray that you're living the life God wants you to; and that you're a good person, not by some self definition you've given to being a "good person," but by God's definition. Because I've always hoped to be successful in the eyes of God, not necessarily of man. Remember, do good, be kind, and remember to empathize with those who need it most. 

  Right now, I'm just climbing my way through the steep hills and rocky canyons of high school. That sounds a little over-dramatic, I suppose, but I'm just taking it day by day, with no definitive goal in mind. 

  Maybe at this point you're married? Maybe with a few kids? Or maybe you're career focused right now. If being career focused is your only goal right now, I encourage you to find another one. Because, I know money is something you need, but it's a need that's constant. It's kind of a bottomless pit. Don't spend so much time focusing on your career that you lose sight of the people around you. Don't spend so much time focusing on your career that you lose sight of the goal. God's goal. Because, I'm not sure what that is right now, but I'd hope you know what He wants from you wherever you are. 

  Most of all, remember the words you thought so long ago, "Love people. Because that's the only thing that truly matters in this world. Loving God and loving people." 

  I sincerely hope you're doing well, Kelsey. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, remember God loves you. Remember He only wants what's best for you. And no matter what you go through, His joy is your strength. 

           Stay grounded. Stay in His word.
         Your Fifteen-Year-Old Self

                                       Have a great day everyone!
                                       Kelsey :)

P.s. This blog is going to be undergoing some changes again. Hopefully I'll have more to share about those changes soon, but I'm still workin' out the details, ya know? ;)

Also, this might become a weekly thing. I'll write a letter to someone each week. I don't know who yet, but someone. :)

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