There She Goes Thinkin' Again

Hello there, beautiful people!

I haven't posted for a bit, but I've been lacking in inspiration. It happens a lot, I'm afraid. 

Life is kind of strange right now, but it always seems that way. Things are always changing, people are coming and going, and God is always  moving. 

I've had this particular thought for awhile and I've decided to share it with someone (besides my mom). So I figured, why not just post it on here? I wrote it down the other day, so I'll just write exactly what I wrote down.

"Life seems, to me, a lot like a campfire. The people around you are the community you have with God. The fire itself is the mesmerizing world of sin. Enticing, but hot.

Some sit on their seats, watching the fire but, knowing they'll get burned, they keep a safe distance.

Some go full-force into the fire, either unsure or uncaring about getting burned. The fire is just so hypnotic and tempting.

Some touch the fire slightly, with a toe or fingertip, but know not to touch it again, because it hurts. Sin hurts.

And some sit on the ground. Between the fire and their seat. Either unsure of which way to go, slowly being hypnotized by the flames, or having an internal struggle of which way to choose. 

All of us are near this sin-fire. We all feel the heat of it. We all touch it at some point. The only difference is; the sum of your burns is determined by the choices you make."

This is what I wrote down the other day and I've been turning it over in my head trying to squeeze some other sort of answers out of it. 

I feel as though there are three types of people around this fire, those who seek God after they've been burned, those who stand in the fire until it's too late, and those who stand with their hand in the fire trying to hash out what they've done wrong. Almost like a transitional stage between either jumping into the fire or taking Jesus' hand and letting him heal their scars and burns.

I just thought it was interesting. I hope you did too.

Kelsey :)

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