Bestie Appreciation Post


   I've been wondering what else to post on here lately, because let's face it, a lot of my posts aren't WOWZER-SUPER-DUPER-EXCITING. So I figured, why not tell you about someone near and dear to my heart?

 This is my bestie:

    Isn't she adorable? (Her little brother too :) We've been friends for almost five years now, but in some ways it feels like a lifetime (in a good way, Girly, don't get mad!). And in other ways it feels like just yesterday we were ten-year-olds, talking about A Series of Unfortunate Events and High School Musical. Oh, the memories! 

 We met on another blogging website, because we were reading the same books, and I went and commented and the rest is history. We've been through ups and downs like any best friends, but I love this girl! :) She's the bestest! The difficult part is, we have to text all day everyday if we'd like to talk because sadly, we live exactly 47 hours, 3,191.5 miles apart. Opposite sides of the U.S. She's in California, and I'm in Massachusetts. *sigh* BUT, I'm determined to meet her in person. Someday, hopefully soon. 

 Now, to allow you to get to know this girl better, I will try and tell you some random facts about this girl!

  • She loves Coke. Pepsi can just go be Pepsi somewhere else, Coke for this girl!
  • She's a Directioner. Yup, she's a Directioner. A Harry girl. 
  • She just got a new car! It's nice too :)
  • She's a permitted driver. Not a licensed driver, but permitted. She may drive with an adult. 
  • She's a year older than me, but we're both May babies so it's cool :)
  • Anne loves shopping. Like loves shopping. I'm talkin' LOVES shopping ;)
  • Bath & Body Works is one of her favorites. (One of the many things we have in common)
  • She can be a sucker for a good, sad romance novel. (*ahem* we don't have this in common at all). (<- Sarcasm alert!) 
  • She strongly dislikes zucchini and milk. I don't know why. She never explained that one to me. She just doesn't like them. 

   That's not all the facts about her, but you don't need to know everything, stalkers! Just kidding, I love you peoples! 

  And I love this bestie of mine. So there you have it, my best friend. She's fantastic, funny, sweet, smart, and much much crazier than me. (Just kidding, that's totally not possible) Love you, Anne!

                                           Kelsey :)

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  1. thanks for making me cry!!! :') I LOVE YOU MORE :D