That Thing I Need to Remember, But Always Forget?


   Life's been pretty good lately. Busy, as summer always is, but good. Then today I just had a strange day. Not necessarily bad or good, just strange. 


                        I got a hair cut! It looks similar in this picture, but trust me, it's much shorter.
I took this picture after a mini rainstorm earlier. The sky is just beautiful, huh?

So, why was today strange, you ask? I have absolutely no idea, but I can tell you this, it's not so strange anymore. I understand why I had a weird day.

I've had some issues with anxiety and fear over the past few months. And sometimes I can get scared really easily, by things I'm just overthinking in my mind. I had heard there were coming thunderstorms and they sounded bad, so me being me, I panicked a little, thinking they would be really bad and we'd lose power etc. So my anxiety started spiking and I was kind of a mess inwardly. I looked up some suggestions for calming down and it suggested listening to music that could calm you. So I turned on Pandora and guess what song came on? 

Let It Rain by Jesus Culture.

Oh, God, do you have a sense of humor! I looked out the window and the sky was full of clouds, but the light was shining really brightly behind them and it was just POURING. But I remembered that God says "do not fear." Do you know how many times a day I forget that? More than I'd like to admit.

I guess this post's point was to tell you what I need to be reminded of. Life isn't about fear, it's about facing a storm head on. And trusting that God's got it all under control. Because, after all, He's kind of in the business of calming storms all over the place.

Kelsey :)

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