Quiet Moments

             I feel like everyone has some sort of therapeutic way to relax, no matter what it is. Everyone has that one thing that can calm them down and bring them back to who they are. It can be anything from working out to taking a nap, and everything in between! for me? It's the quiet moments.


                  Usually the best quiet moments I can get are outside, but anywhere I can just be alone for awhile is great. Don't get me wrong, I love people! But I just need some alone time sometimes. Whether it be reading a book, journaling, sitting outside. Any quiet moment I have to myself is just so therapeutic to me. Usually those quiet moments result in a lot of prayer, but it's good! Because it doesn't just bring me back to who I am, it reminds me of who God is, and how He is. It gives me the opportunity to just be close to Him, yet feel a sensation of peace. It's wonderful. 

             What's your way of relaxing, or just getting out of your own head?

                                      Kelsey :)

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  1. I have so many things that help me relax (listening to music, praying, being alone, watching random stuff on youtube). But being alone outside is probably my fave. :)