A Quick Little Update

Hello there beautiful people!

 I just wanted to forewarn you that I'm going to be redesigning my blog soon. So don't freak out if it's all different, okay? Or do freak out if you haven't read this post. Whichever happens to happen. 

 Love you, beautiful people!

                                           Kelsey :)


That Thing I Need to Remember, But Always Forget?


   Life's been pretty good lately. Busy, as summer always is, but good. Then today I just had a strange day. Not necessarily bad or good, just strange. 


                        I got a hair cut! It looks similar in this picture, but trust me, it's much shorter.
I took this picture after a mini rainstorm earlier. The sky is just beautiful, huh?

So, why was today strange, you ask? I have absolutely no idea, but I can tell you this, it's not so strange anymore. I understand why I had a weird day.

I've had some issues with anxiety and fear over the past few months. And sometimes I can get scared really easily, by things I'm just overthinking in my mind. I had heard there were coming thunderstorms and they sounded bad, so me being me, I panicked a little, thinking they would be really bad and we'd lose power etc. So my anxiety started spiking and I was kind of a mess inwardly. I looked up some suggestions for calming down and it suggested listening to music that could calm you. So I turned on Pandora and guess what song came on? 

Let It Rain by Jesus Culture.

Oh, God, do you have a sense of humor! I looked out the window and the sky was full of clouds, but the light was shining really brightly behind them and it was just POURING. But I remembered that God says "do not fear." Do you know how many times a day I forget that? More than I'd like to admit.

I guess this post's point was to tell you what I need to be reminded of. Life isn't about fear, it's about facing a storm head on. And trusting that God's got it all under control. Because, after all, He's kind of in the business of calming storms all over the place.

Kelsey :)


Dear Boys

SALUTATIONS! (Yes, suddenly I'm Charlotte the spider)

    So, Elise did a Dear Boys post, and I figured I might as well link up to satisfy my bestie. Just kidding. I wanted to do it. Kind of. Anyway, let's get to it!

   Dear Person With a Face,

I really wish I could say something more clever, but hello.
That One Girl.

  Dear Celebrity Man,

Lookin' good, bro!

Dear Dude,

I'm tellin' ya! You need to get on your game with her. I'm watching you. Well, from a distance. Do something! She's been waiting FOREVER!
A Girl Who Knows More About You Than You Probably Know About Yourself
P.s. Creepy right?!

Dear Jordan and Josh Taylor,
Blimey Cow is a true gem, boys!
A fan.

Dear Question Mark,
I'm still confused about you. I apologize.

That's it for now, folks!
Kelsey :)


That One Time I Conquered a Fear

                  So yesterday, I WENT TO SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND! Now, before I explain to you my reasoning for the title, let me note a few things. First off, before yesterday, I had never been to any sort of amusement park, much less on a roller coaster of all things! Secondly, I've never been on anything bigger than a medium sized ferris wheel. 

                My Aunt and cousin took us to Six Flags New England yesterday, and it.was.epic. My cousin decided because none of us (my brothers and I) had ever been on a roller coaster, she'd start us out small and graduate us up if we wanted to continue. Starting with Cat Woman's Whip and ending with Bizarro. Now, if I'm correct, Bizarro is known for being the tallest and scariest roller coaster in New England. WHAT?! Anyway, to continue my story, my little brother survived Cat Woman's Whip and Gotham City Gauntlet and then decided that Batman: The Dark Knight wasn't something he wanted to try. So he didn't. Then my older brother went on Bizarro with my cousin and I after Batman: The Dark Knight. After Bizarro? I went on probably four more roller coasters. The reason my title is, "That One Time I Conquered a Fear" is because I am (or was) absolutely petrified by heights. I'm talking cry like a baby, freak out, petrified. Believe me, I'm still not all for the whole height thing, but I LOVE roller coasters! Oh my gosh! SO awesome! 

                       Entry to Bizarro!
                               The Crime Wave! I loved this one. It's just a bunch of swings. Super fun!
                                          (oh, and my older brother is next to it :)
                                        Carousel built in 1909.
                                Did I mention Bizarro goes underground, like twice?
                                This would be the first part of Bizarro. It's very high.
                                I didn't go on this one, but it's called Scream. A free fall thingy.
                            Entryway to some roller coasters!
                        My Aunt and cousin decided to go on Batman: The Dark Knight a second time.
                              Entryway to Batman: The Dark Knight.

              These pictures don't even do the enormity of the place justice, but I didn't think to take pictures 'til halfway through the day. And I can't exactly take pictures from a roller coaster.

                             So what do you think of roller coasters, your thing or for thrillseekers only?

                                               Kelsey :)


Quiet Moments

             I feel like everyone has some sort of therapeutic way to relax, no matter what it is. Everyone has that one thing that can calm them down and bring them back to who they are. It can be anything from working out to taking a nap, and everything in between! for me? It's the quiet moments.


                  Usually the best quiet moments I can get are outside, but anywhere I can just be alone for awhile is great. Don't get me wrong, I love people! But I just need some alone time sometimes. Whether it be reading a book, journaling, sitting outside. Any quiet moment I have to myself is just so therapeutic to me. Usually those quiet moments result in a lot of prayer, but it's good! Because it doesn't just bring me back to who I am, it reminds me of who God is, and how He is. It gives me the opportunity to just be close to Him, yet feel a sensation of peace. It's wonderful. 

             What's your way of relaxing, or just getting out of your own head?

                                      Kelsey :)