This Is Really Important

                 I've made a recent discovery. Compliments. Sure, everyone knows about them, but do you know the importance of them? No, I'm not talking, "Hey girl, you're hot!" I'm talking about complimenting people on the things they do, not how they look. Encouragement I guess. 

                Today, for instance, someone pointed something I've been doing well out to me, and it just made me feel so good and appreciated. Doesn't everyone love that feeling? Don't we all love to get recognition for what we do well? Which is exactly why we should do that with other people. Magnify their good qualities. Pat them on the back when they do well. Because sometimes people need that, and sometimes it helps them to keep moving forward, and encourages their spirit.

               One of the biggest things I've noticed when it comes to compliments is that people tend to be more grateful when you compliment them on their mannerisms, or their good qualities, and not so much their looks. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't compliment people on their looks, because everyone likes to hear that they look good! Who doesn't? I'm just saying that compliments about your heart sink in much more than compliments about the shirt you're wearing. 

              People love to hear when they're doing something right, and there are way too many people in  this world who tell everyone what they're doing wrong. Don't remind people of their faults, encourage their victories.

             Now think about how good it feels to be complimented. It feels pretty good doesn't it? Encouragement can be some of the best medicine for an aching heart. Now, still thinking about that feeling, realize something. YOU can GIVE that feeling. You can give people that moment of joy. So when you receive a compliment? Pass one on. Make it your personal goal. Encourage and be encouraged, because life is too short to focus on flaws. We're all aware we have flaws, but if we're constantly being reminded of them, how are we supposed to feel saved by grace? I know people say words can't hurt, and we shouldn't care what other people say, but it's easier said than done. And I think we all know that. So use your words to build each other up. 

            And encouragement doesn't just come through compliments, just being kind to someone can be encouraging. 

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." Ephesians 4:32

          All people have faults, all people have flaws, but that's not what we should be focused on. We should be focused on loving unconditionally, encouraging often, being kind always, and building each other up. I guess my thought for today is;

                        Be kind, be encouraging, be the light in someone's darkness.

                                    Kelsey :)

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