Sorry, I'm Forgetful


                                                        (just in case you didn't remember
                                                          what I look like without glasses)
               So I totally forgot but sometimes, on my old blogs, after my birthday I'd do a random facts post and base it off of the age I am (i.e. 14 facts about me, 13, etc.) Anywho, so I meant to do that this year, but I'm forgetful, I was busy the week of my birthday, and all that good stuff.

               So I shall do it now, a little over two weeks after my fifteenth birthday! (And no, Taylor Swift's song hasn't really applied to my life yet). 

                            15 FACTS ABOUT ME!

  • My favorite colors are purple and yellow. (Not very interesting, I apologize)
  • I've always wanted to visit Ireland!
  • I'm pigeon toed. Translation: one or both of my feet is/are turned inward, thus I can't walk or run in a straight fashion.
  •  I've been blogging for just about five years now
  • I like all vegetables. Or at least all of the ones I've tried.
  • I've known how to cook since I was around six or seven years old. Not like, Thanksgiving dinner, but ya know, I was pretty good at toast ;)
  •  I really like being outside. Always have, probably always will.
  • I have this weird obsession with any type of writing device. Particularly Sharpies. 
  • I used to, and still sometimes, eat corn out of a can, cold, for lunch. Also, cold Chinese food for breakfast.
  • I love coffee, tea, cocoa. Any warm drink really.
  • I type really, really fast. I don't type how you're supposed to (fingers on asdf jkl; and go from there), I just somehow memorized where the letters are.
  • For some unknown reason, I love watching shows about the emergency room.
  • I love owls. Anything owls.
  • My first name means "island of the ships." Or something like that.
  • If I ever end up married, I would love to have a lot of kids.
     So, there ya have it! Fifteen facts about me. Don't ask me why I didn't number this list, I just didn't. Hope you learned something new! :)

                                                    Kelsey :)

P.s. The first picture in the collagey thing, was taken roughly eight months before I started blogging. I was so little! 

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