Summer Plans

                     This summer I have a few ideas of things I'd like to do. I'm not exactly sure what I WILL do, but I definitely know what I want to do. 

                                                  (I'd love to just spend my whole summer here)

                I want to spend TONS of time at the beach. Hopefully. I haven't lived this close to the beach in years, and I'm excited to spend the summer just lounging on the beach. Okay, not the whole summer!

                If I could find some sort of job that would be good. Especially considering I'm gonna start saving money for college. *fingers crossed*

               At the end of next week I'll be going to camp for three days so that's cool! But the rest of my summer is basically free. Maybe I'll go on an adventure! Who knows?

                                         Happy (almost) Summer!
                                                  Kelsey :)

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