Hello fine people,

   I haven't posted in six days, and maybe that doesn't seem like very long, but it feels like an eternity to me. I just feel so drained of ideas for posts. It's like I want to post, but I can't brew up any quality ideas for them. So, I've decided to ramble on and on for you. Potentially, on and on and on. We'll see where it goes.

  So I turned fifteen yesterday. It feels weird to say. Next month, I'll have been blogging for five years. Five years. That feels strange to say too. Because, this blogging journey has been such a crazy one. Between switching from Homestead Blogger to Blogger, and then all the different blogs I've had, it's just been crazy. I don't have as many friends in the blogging world as I used to either. I'm not as crazy about posting as I used to be. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE posting, it's just different now. I'm also not as into giveaways and things as I used to be. But, I'm fifteen! Fifteen, guys!

 I reread some old journal entries of mine this past week, and I was shocked by the difference in me from the eight short months since I started writing in that particular journal, to now. I've changed a lot just in the past eight months. In the past six months. Heck, probably even in the last two months! I feel like that's how my teenage years thus far have been, just constant changing, constant discovery. I guess that's a part of being a teenager. Discovering who you truly are before you reach the "real world" and have to become a functioning adult. I've changed so much over the past eight months, but I'm only fifteen. I'll no doubt continue changing as my teen years go on. I might even change more before tomorrow! Who knows?

 I'm going to camp on Thursday. It's not like a regular camp, it's a training camp up at a mission organization near us. I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure it'll be great!

 Lately I've been finding myself wondering more and more about what the future holds for us. Mainly because, we've been living with my grandparents for eight months now and I just wonder where we'll go, what we'll do. 

 That's about it for today. How are you doing?

                                                 Kelsey :)

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