One Year


             The pictures above may not be high quality, they may not be amazing, but they hold quite a bit of significance for me. They were both taken within twenty days before I moved from the home I'd known for two years, back to a place I hadn't lived in four years. 

             Nearly one year ago, my Dad lost his job. Time's seemed to have flown by faster than I expected it to. If you had told me one year ago, after I found out that my Dad had lost his job, that I'd be back in Massachusetts writing this one year later, I'd probably have laughed in your face. 

             Now? Now, I'm still just as unsure of what the future holds as I was one year ago, but a few things have changed. Quite a few, actually. More has changed than stayed the same. 

            One year after I was so scared of what would happen to me, I'm not so scared anymore. Believe me, I'm still totally unsure and totally confused, but not that scared. Because I know who holds the future. And His plan is for the ultimate good of everyone. So yes, I'm worried. Yes, I'm still a little scared. And yes, I'm still totally confused about life, but He holds my future.

            One year later, my relationship with Jesus has grown. Because the uncertainty of it all, and my natural tendency to worry, were either going to make me give up and get angry, or give up my life to Him even more than I already had. Because when you're more dependent on Him, you're closer to Him. When the world feels like a constant earthquake of problems and hurt and anger and selfishness, His arms are what hold you up, and stop you from being shaken. 

           I've discovered myself this past year. Dad's job loss was a huge blow to our family, but not something we couldn't overcome.

                               "I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens 
                                                     Philippians 4:13

Kelsey :)

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