Looking Back

                                        (my little brother and I)

             So yesterday, after I posted, my bestie commented on my post and told me that she was reading my older posts from my old blog. So, I thought I'd go see if I could too. And, I could!

             Let me just say, that was an interesting experience. I had terrible grammar, I was constantly linking up with things, having giveaways, posting about giveaways, and doing tags. It was crazy reading back to all of that stuff, yet interesting. 

            And I might've realized why I had so many followers before. It was because of all of that stuff. I think it was because of the giveaways, and the tags, and the goofy, crazy stuff. But, I think that's not me anymore. I mean, I'm all for fun posts, but I spent 2-3 hours a day writing posts, scheduling posts, linking up with things. It was time consuming. 

           It was fun to go back and reminisce, though. I mean, reading my twelve year old thoughts is certainly intriguing. 

           What about you guys? Do you ever go and look back at your old posts?

Kelsey :)

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  1. yes - and you did dear boys ;) hehe thought i would throw that out there :)