I Just Don't Understand

                      It's Holy week. And I'd call it Easter week, but Easter's been so cheapened into bunnies and eggs, just as Christmas has been cheapened, that I don't want to take away from it.

                 This is the week. The week that the man who spent thirty years, in all his perfection, preaching and teaching to people all over, sacrificed himself, for who? Me. And you. And not just me, and not just you, but all of us. Every person who has ever been born into this world, and had breath in their lungs. Every. Single. One. 

                Thinking about that, it's amazing. This man, died. He didn't have to say yes, but he did. He didn't have to die on that cross, but he did. He could've said no at any time, but he didn't. That's the beauty of it all. He took our sins upon himself, and he didn't have to. 

               Which is why I just don't understand why anyone could ever not accept that. This man was tortured for us. This man bled for us. It's mind boggling, I know. How could someone love us so much? How could someone love me so much, that he would go through all that? Because, he loved me that much? It seems insane and it doesn't really make much sense, but he did it. 

              People may say they'd die for you, and plenty of people have died for the sake of others, but nobody else will ever do what he did. It's impossible. 

             Seeing all of the excitement of Easter from everyone is great, but what does it matter if your kid has the best Easter basket, if he doesn't know that thousands of years before he received that basket, a man rose from the dead? A man who, a few short days before, had died for him. Been tortured for him. Crucified for him. 

            So before we get into the spirit of colored eggs, and chocolate bunnies, and magic bunnies who deliver Easter eggs. Let's remember that the alternative name for Easter, is Resurrection Day. Because he came back from the dead after all of the suffering he endured for you. And that's what Easter is all about. Resurrection, and remembrance of the man who died for all of our sins. Because he's coming again. Jesus is alive.

Kelsey :)


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