(New glasses! I've never had them before).

  •              Sometimes... I wonder if life will ever stop going by so fast. As each year passes, the next seems to go by faster and faster.
  • Sometimes... I wish I were a social butterfly and could talk to people. Then again, sometimes I wish I didn't talk as much as I do.
  • Sometimes... I want to scream. Scream so loud that my throat hurts, just because the world frustrates me.
  • Sometimes... I wish I didn't have so much when someone else in this world doesn't.
  • Sometimes... I wonder why God cares so much. Wonder why he bothered saving me. There are seven billion other people in this world. Why would he care about little old me? Then, I remember, because it's Him. Because we don't always understand Him, but He always understands us.
  • Sometime... I think about wearing matching socks just because maybe then I'd seem more normal. Or something like that. Then I don't because that's just not who I am.
  • Sometimes... I think I'm not cut out for this whole blogging thing. Because there are bloggers who are better writers than I am, or better at keeping up with their blog than I am.
  • Sometimes... I wish I could just be a regular teenager. Then I remember I'm not regular. I'm not normal. I don't do everything the same as everyone else does. And I think I'm okay with that.
  • Sometimes... I have nothing to post about and want to post, but can't because I have no inspiration. If that makes any sense at all.
                                               Kelsey :)

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