He's bigger than we could ever imagine


So, I know I haven't posted since February 18th. There have been computer issues,
a lack of inspiration on my part, etc. But, I'm back. I'm excited to be back because I have quite a few great ideas for some upcoming posts.
So recently, in January, some church friends invited us to come to their home group/
Bible study on Friday nights. We've been going for a little over a month now and I'm really enjoying it. We're about to start a study on the book of Romans.
But today, I want to talk about what happened this past Friday. Some people weren't
able to be at home group, so we put off starting Romans for a week. Instead, we watched some Louie Giglio videos. Now, I had never heard of this guy. We watched his Indescribable video from when he was on tour with Chris Tomlin. It was amazing! He really showed a lot of amazing pictures of stars, galaxies, and just space in general. It was so cool.
In the Indescribable video, he really talked a lot about how God is way bigger than
we think, or can even imagine! It really had me thinking. The first thought that came to mind though, was, if God's so big, then why don't we believe he can do the impossible? Why can't we believe that he's bigger than any of us? Now, some of these images and statistics Louie Giglio shared really made me feel tiny in this world of such hugeness. Which makes it all the more amazing to think that God loves us and cares about each of us individually. Us tiny little specks on this tiny little earth.
I feel like I really struggle with trying to trust God in the hard times. Because,
I guess I just feel like he either has bigger problems to deal with or the situation I'm in is hopeless. But is it really ever hopeless? Really? I don't think so.
Kelsey :)

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