Today. Moment by moment

                  Today has been a fairly relaxed day. I'm in leggings because I'm not going anywhere. My hair is in my best rendition of a Katniss braid, because I wish I had her bravery. My socks are mismatched because that's how they always are. I've taken probably thirty-five photos today to try and get back into my love of taking pictures. So, to show you some of those.

                                                                    We have snow. It's melting. A hint of Spring?
                                                                  It was sunny earlier, but the gloom set in around 
                                                                  I was really stumped about what to write.
                                                            We got a little bit of rain. It made the snow look bubbly.
                                                                            Looking out the window made me chilly.
                                                                       I had to put the King and Queen of Hearts together
                                                           in the deck of cards because they belong together.
                                                            They should always be together.
                                                                  I drank peppermint tea out of a chipped seashell cup.
                                                      One reason being, the cup reminded me of the beach.
                                                      The other? The peppermint tea says it's from London 
                                                       it made me feel all important to drink London tea.
                                                                                            My view as I took the first sip.
                                                                Reading by the window because daylight is a better to 
                                                      read by than a light fixture.
                                                                I wondered, will this snow melt before the next round
                                                            Miscellaneous writing because I got a writing guide for
                                                   teens from the library.

           So maybe my day wasn't super exciting, but it was relaxing, calming, reflective.

 How was your day?

Kelsey :)

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