My Writing Relationship

            I'm a writer. Not like, you know, published author, but I love writing. I have since I was little. I love it. I just love grabbing a pen and notebook and scribbling down the thoughts in my head that come pouring in. 

           One problem, my relationship with writing has faded. Drastically. I used to write all the time. Even if it was meaningless garbage, I still wrote. All the time. But now? I hardly ever do. I write on this blog occasionally and in a journal every once in awhile, but not like I used to. 

          On some show we were watching last night, a man said he likes his relationship with his pen. He prefers it over technology. My Dad then asked me, "Have you ever had a relationship with your pen? That's just ridiculous!" To which I replied, "Yes actually. There's something about writing by hand that's just so much better than typing." It got me thinking though. I really do kind of have a relationship with a pen. When you're writing, it's just like, your pen is the key to unlock your imagination. It's really quite a clever concept. This sounds strange, but your pen is your friend. 

     I guess one of the biggest reasons I've stopped writing so much is because, I usually write down an idea and then throw it away later. Thinking about all the paper I've wasted over the years writing down thoughts, then trashing them, kind of makes me want to hang my head in shame. I'm just afraid of messing up. Afraid of trying too hard, or not being good enough. But who am I writing for anyway? I don't show it to anybody? So what's the big deal? I don't know the answer to that question. All I know is I need to get back to writing, fast. 




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  1. I love your regular posts, but i miss dear boys :( ;)