If only we could be flawless

                         Today was cold. Like many days this fine January. I don't mind the cold though. It's nice. Refreshing. 

                Due to the cold, I've been inside all day. First I was painting, then I went into my room to read some more of a teen writer's guide I got from the library. As I was reading, I came to a part of the book about characters, and the mistakes people often make while creating them. The mistake that caught my eyes was, "The characters have no flaws." It said that people often create their characters, without flaw. Like they're perfect and can't possibly make a mistake. The author continued, explaining why it was such an error. She said it was because we, as humans, aren't perfect. So book and movie characters shouldn't be any different.

             That whole section got me thinking. If only we could be flawless. If only we could just write perfection into our lives, we'd be all set right? 
             I actually don't think so. I think that if we were all perfect it'd get boring. We weren't created to be perfect. We were created flawlessly. We were perfect at one time. Then we made a mistake, and became broken. We made mistakes more and more frequently, sometimes without even knowing it.

           I truly think God made us that way (destined to sin), because he needed to show us that he was the only perfect one. To show us how much more we need him because of our imperfections. That only his perfection, and love, and mercy could really take care of us. We're incapable of perfection. It's just not possible. 

          I'd say I'm a sort-of perfectionist. I'm a perfectionist to a certain degree, but there are other things I can not care so much about. But more and more I'm realizing that not everything I say or do will be perfect. And I think I'm okay with that.

Kelsey :)

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