Climbing Hills

          Recently, I went for a walk with my mom and brothers. We haven't done that in a long time, just the four of us. I really enjoyed it. I took probably a hundred and fifty pictures, resulting in Mom's phone memory card being heaping full of photos of the most random things ever.

          On our way back, we were climbing up a hill and Jacob said, "Ugh! Another hill!" To which Mom replied, "You just have to keep a steady pace all the way up and you'll climb it eventually. Life's like that. There are hills and obstacles, but you can get over them."

         The rest of the way home, I was just thinking about what she said. Life is like a road you've never been on before. Walking down an unforeseen path, you follow said road. Sometimes there are side roads and sometimes there are hills, and rocks in our path. The hills are the hard times. The times where we're so tired and burnt out from walking, we just want to stop. Just stop and say, "Okay God! I've had enough. I'm done." But like Mom said, you have to keep a steady pace and you'll make it over the hill eventually.

         I feel like that's how we all seem to live. Struggling to get over hills, and wondering if it's worth the climb at all. Wondering if all the energy and strain will really be worth it in the end.

         But, I do know one thing. God promises that good things will come in his time. So good things are over those hills. We just have to take the time to climb them. To discover what's on the other side. Even if it's not drastically better than before, at least you've made it.

         I feel like I'm climbing a hill right now. A really steep, rocky, muddy hill. The kind that makes your back hurt and your lungs burn and every muscle in your body go numb. I feel like, I stumble. I wonder why I'm even climbing this hill anymore. Wonder if it's even worth it anymore. Then, I wonder if there is something better on the other side. I wonder if maybe, just maybe, there's some even ground somewhere.

          Life is full of hills. Big ones, little ones. Sometimes we want to give up. It's easier to just sit when we're halfway up and give up. But you can't. Good things are on the other side of all hills. Challenges come to make us stronger. The climbing? It makes us stronger. The hurting? It makes us stronger. Every hill is on our specific life's road to make us stronger.

        So if you're climbing a hill right now, don't stop. Don't give up. It's hard, and it hurts, and sometimes you feel like you have nothing left, but God is on your side. He's going to get you over these hills. He's going to bring you to even ground. He's walking with you. Climbing hills with you. Keep up your steady pace. Because there's even ground just beyond the very top of whatever hill you're climbing right now.

Kelsey :)

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