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     The last notes of 'How Great is Our God' (the Chris Tomlin version) played in my ears as I was sitting staring out the window the other day. I was just thinking. Thinking about life. Everything that's happened in the past four years. I guess I should mention after four years of living in Indiana, I've moved back to Massachusetts. Yup, I'm here. Things have changed a lot, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I've changed a lot. A lot of bad things have happened this past year,  but I feel like they're meant to help us. In some weird way I feel like, we're gonna come out of this stronger. 

  I was also thinking about how much I love writing. On this blog, in random notebooks, in my journal. I don't know why. I guess it's just refreshing and fun. I feel like it's my way of saying things. I'm super shy in person and I think writing down what I'm thinking or feeling helps me to get out the things I need to say. 

  I'm the type of person who thinks about a thousand different things all at the same time. So, I was thinking even more. About life in general. I think my life is so bad and such bad things have happened to me, but really, I'm doing great compared to others. There are people starving in this world. There are people dying in this world. There are people with no clothes, no homes. I have all of that. I'm not dying. I'm okay. 

  It's interesting to me the difference in the way people react to different situations. Like, the same thing could happen to two different people and, most likely, they'd react totally differently. I admit, I've been tending to look at the negative side of things lately. Because it feels like every time we're finished jumping one large hurdle, another's ahead of us. Maybe that's it. Maybe life's a race. Maybe God's just putting more hurdles in front of us to make us that much stronger. So why am I focusing so much on the negative stuff? Why do we all focus on negative stuff when something bad happens? 

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