Random Facts About Me.

Recently, my bestie (her blog here) did a 50 facts about her post, which made me wanna do one. Thus, I shall play copy cat and do one too!!  (I apologize if you feel copied Anne :) 

50 Kelsey Facts:

  1. I have to wear mismatched socks. I have to. If they match it's just, I can't even describe how annoyed I get.
  2. On the subject of feet, my toe nails are ALWAYS painted. Always. If they aren't they just feel... naked. They're never a normal solid color either. 
  3. I like colors. All things colorful. It could be partly because my Dad and brothers tend to like gray and black and don't really like color much. I like to brighten things up :)
  4. I have a smiley face addiction :) :( :/ :D :))) 
  5. I love the beach! I want a beach house!
  6. I take lots of pictures. I rarely post any on here, but I take lots of them. My camera's just a basic little purple thing.
  7. My most favorite color in the universal universe is purple. I just love it.
  8. I had a Siberian Husky named Manny. (I hate using past tense there *sigh*)
  9. I can't stay serious for long. I'm always smiling. So if I look upset, I most likely am. And laughing, but my little brother says I laugh too loud and my laugh is super creepy so I tend not to laugh around him.
  10. I hate, hate, hate mayonnaise. There aren't many foods I can say I hate. But I strongly hate mayonnaise. Strongly...
  11. I don't talk much. I may talk nonstop on here (well, duh! It's a one sided conversation. It's a blog post man!) but, I don't talk much in person. I usually just listen to other people talk.
  12. I'm addicted to pumpkin spice and apple ANYTHING! It's a habit I'd rather not break :)
  13. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year. (For those of you who don't know what it is it's a writing challenge for the month of November. You write a 50,000 word book in a month)
  14. I'm a teenager. I'm fourteen. Many teen years left I suppose.
  15. I wish I could drive. I'm not old enough :(
  16. I have two brothers. No sisters. I'm the only girl. First came Nathaniel (a.k.a Nate, Nathan), then I came along, then Jacob.
  17. I'm 5 foot 5.
  18. My second favorite color is yellow. It's a really close second to purple so I figured I should mention it.
  19. I love Fall. Most people seem to love Summer. Summer's great and all, but I'm a Fall girl. 
  20. I want to go to college once I graduate. Three years away.. AHHH!
  21. I have a huge family. I'm pretty sure I have at least fifty cousins (first, second, third. etc.)
  22. I go crazy in stationery stores. Crazy. I'm talking insane here. Even in the stationery section of stores. Gel pens, pens, pencils, Sharpies, notebooks, the works.
  23. My top two favorite meals ever are chicken parmesan and BBQ bacon cheeseburgers. 
  24. I love chocolate. Love chocolate. LOOOOOVE chocolate.
  25. Coke vs. Pepsi?? Coke. Definitely Coke.
  26. I have loved orange soda since I was really little. It's probably my favorite.
  27. I take way too many pictures of the sky. Way too many.
  28. I like to write notes. I write the most random notes and put them all different places. Like, just this morning, I wrote, "Don't worry. Be happy! So smile!! please :)" on a post it and stuck it to the fridge. Yeah, weird, I'm aware.
  29. I am a Directioner. Yes, I've admitted it. I am. I truly am. 
  30. I like to sing. A lot actually. I sing so loudly in the shower I get scared that the neighbors can hear me. 
  31. I took ballet for maybe three months. Also Jazz and Tap. Then Summer got over and it was school time again.
  32. If I were to get married and have kids, I want a big family. I've always wanted a bunch of kids.
  33. I'm scared that I'll have to wear glasses soon. Pretty much everyone in my house wears glasses except me and my brother and I don't want them. I hate how I look in glasses. Oh well. Who knows right?
  34. I always wanted braces when I was younger. I have no idea why. I used to stick things in front of my teeth to pretend I had them.
  35. One of my current favorite songs is, Waiting for Superman by Daughtry. I love it.
  36. I kind of want to be a writer. Okay, a little more than kind of. I've had other ideas, but I think that's what I wanna do.
  37. I can't wait til I can get a job. I wanna be able to have some spending money on hand.
  38. I like washing dishes. I don't know why, I just like them. It's kind of odd actually.
  39. I don't really take many selfies. A lot of girls are always taking selfies. Honestly, I'd rather take pictures than have pictures taken of me.
  40. I have a horrible sweet tooth. If it has sugar, I'll eat it. 
  41. I'm pigeon toed. One of my feet sticks out a little bit so I walk and run a little crooked. 
  42. I'm not real sporty. I'm kind of uncoordinated actually :/
  43. I love birds. They're just so cute.
  44. I don't have a preference between cats and dogs. I like both.
  45. I love science. Which is probably why I got an A+ in Biology. (Not to brag ;)
  46. One of my eyes is darker than the other. Not much, but a little.
  47. I daydream. A lot. Like, I get distracted because of it.
  48. I'm pretty good at multitasking. I can kind of multitask at multitasking. (If that makes any sense at all)
  49. I love baking and cooking. It's so much fun!
  50. And finally, I went through a phase where I wanted to be a fairy princess when I grew up and marry a prince.
And there you have it. 50 Kelsey Facts :)

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  1. YOU COPY CAT!!! Just kidding :) I think I was the same here - I knew almost everything on here ;)