Life is Wonderful

     I try to stay positive as much as I possibly can. It gets difficult, believe me it does, but it's also a better alternative than negativity. I feel like negativity can just make our problems worse. If I look at the bright side of things, no matter how tiny or stupid they seem, it can really make me feel better. 

     Being positive is really important to me. Because it helps me through the rough times. I'm going through a sort of rough time right now. Yesterday, I went for a walk with my Mom and I was just looking around at the trees, the leaves that are changing, the way the light shines down through the trees, the wildflowers that grow in the most random places. It made me feel better to know that, no matter what's going on, the world doesn't stop being beautiful. No matter how much I'm stressed out or hurting or upset, life still stays wonderful. Life is wonderful. I feel like I forget that too often. No problems are permanent. And problems or curve-balls are only thrown our way when we need to learn something. They make us stronger. And it makes it easier to not take things for granted.

    Like right now, I'm sitting on the couch, typing away on a laptop and outside, it's a BEAUTIFUL day. Nice and cool and breezy. The leaves are rustling in the wind as fall is quickly approaching. Yes, my toes are cold, but it's refreshing. Cool air. 

   Life is Wonderful. Yes, there are downsides but, the problems will pass. Right now, though, you have to hold on to any bit of positivity you can. Because God's got big plans for you, and He'll fix your problems in His own time. You just have to be patient, stick by him, and focus on the beautiful things in life. 

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