Dear Boys

    So, I've been bad about posting on here lately, no shocker there, but I'm back and will try to post as much as possible. 

   Everyone seems to like the Dear Boys post I did awhile back, so here's another.

                            Dear Every Celebrity I've Ever Had a Major Crush On,
                            I offer my deepest, sincerest apology for the fangirling.
                            It's a bad habit of mine. 

                             Dear Dude,
                             I know someone who really likes you. I'd appreciate it
                             if you paid some attention to her. But, don't hurt her. 
                             I might have to break your arm if you do so.
                             Her Bestie

                              Dear Lemony Snicket,
                             I'm like 99.8% sure, you're a complete genius.
                             A fan of your work.

                             Dear Brothers of Mine,
                              Your Big and Little Sister

                             Dear Crazy,
                             I'm beginning to understand you a bit better.



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  1. hmmm i think i know every single one of those :) well almost... im confused on one... ;)