My love/hate relationship with fortune cookies

     Since I was very little, I've loved fortune cookies. Every time we went into any restaurant I knew had them, I'd get so excited. What little message would I get this time? What special piece of wisdom would be sitting in there? It was exciting. Thrilling almost, but as I've gotten older things have changed. I realize that not all of them are true. Sure, they're deep and interesting and can sometimes put a smile on your face, but honestly, some of them have had messages I've totally disagreed with. 

    For example, last week my grandparents were here visiting. On Friday afternoon we went to a new place nearby us, it's a Chinese/Japanese buffet. The food was great. Once the waitress came with the bill and our fortune cookies, I immediately snatched one up, just waiting for that little nugget of wisdom. Then, I read it. It said, "If your desires are not extravagant, they will be granted." Um, excuse me? Can you repeat that please?

    I showed the little slip of "wisdom" to my Grampie and he said, "No, no! Jesus says He will give us whatever we want if we ask for it in His name." 

    Then I showed it to Grammie. To which she replied, "The Lord says that whatever you want will be given to you no matter how extravagant. Nothing's too big for Him." Those are my grandparents. Always full of wisdom. 

   I was a little confused by what the fortune cookie said. So if I want say, a candy bar, I can have it because it's not extravagant but, if I want miracles, that's too much to ask? Uh wrong!

   Since Grammie and Grampie didn't want theirs, I opened theirs. One said, "You can either follow your fears or be led by your passions." That one wasn't bad. It's about overcoming fear right? No harm done. The other said, "True worth is in being, not seeming." Which, I guess isn't too bad either. But the first one, the original one I opened, made me think. I always overthink things anyway but, it made me really think. 

   I had a fortune once that said, "To get respect from others, you must first give respect to others." Which is true. That one, I've kept for a long, long time. It's sitting in a drawer in my room somewhere as a reminder not to expect respect without giving it.

   When I was little, fortune cookies were magical and fun and exciting and I loved them. But now, now that I know what they could really mean and not just something that makes me smile a bit, it's different. I like fortune cookies, but at the same time, they sometimes contradict what Jesus says. So, I'll continue to open them. Continue reading my "fortunes." I guess, I can't decide what EXACTLY I think about them. I just know that when I come across ones like that one Friday afternoon, it's going in the garbage. 

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