Dear Boys

So my bestie has told me she misses when I'd link up with Elise's blog and do a Dear Boys post. Which reminded me that I miss doing them too, so I shall. Even though Elise hasn't in awhile I still will. 


    Dear Dude,
First off, she's given you subtle hints bro! Pay attention to her!!! Secondly, I'm sorry you didn't get a better nickname than dude. The others could've potentially disclosed your identity and that would be terrible!
You don't know me but, hey I'm Kelsey :)

   Dear MH, 
I've never really liked you. Lots of people have thought I am madly in love with you or something, but honestly, you kinda scare me. Oh, and I'd appreciate less swearing. 

Dear Loudmouth, 
You really bother me. I don't know what it is about you, but you bother me.
That GIRL!

Dear Elmo,
I'm pretty sure you're not who I thought you were.

Dear really attractive guys from the grocery store,
HEYYY! I would've waved and smiled like some cutesy wonderful girl, but I'm shy.
Red Shirt Girl.

And that's it my friends. Enjoy.

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