Why Dreamer?

   I have a specific reason for the name of this blog. I've had many names for my different blogs. There was Butterfly Dreams, there was Forever Love, plenty of different names. None of them seemed to fit perfectly. They were all either too needy sounding, too overused, too similar to other blogger's names, I needed something for me. I'm sure there's another blog somewhere called Dreamer, let's face it, it's a wonderful name, but the reasons I have are sort of personal I guess. 

  All my life I've been a dreamer. From the very beginning. I remember when I was little I used to just be standing somewhere staring off in the distance daydreaming about something. I used to daydream to the point where people would have to repeatedly call my name before I'd actually realize they were talking to me. It's a habit. I've always had big dreams. I have little ones too the big ones are just more prominent. They stand out more than the others. 

  I think everyone has a dream. Everyone always wants to be something or have something. Dreams are universal. I think the difference is, there are the go-getter dreamers and then there are the dreamers who don't chase after theirs. Some people are willing to do anything for their dream while others just leave them dreams. 

  I've always been private about the specifics of the dreams I have. I have them, I'm just not very vocal about what they are. I keep them private. Like wishes. Almost like, if I say them, they won't come true. 

  I don't know if I'll chase after any of my dreams. That's dependent on if they're God's plan for me. And if I can get over my shyness to pursue something extraordinary and wonderful. 

  I've heard people who dream as much as I do accused of "having their head in the clouds" and "needing to come back down to reality." I don't agree with either of those statements. I think everyone needs to dream. It can help you through the worst of times. It also helps your imagination. Your imagination is powerful and wonderful and can do amazing things if you use it. It's a fantastic God-given tool that has made some amazing things. Imaginations can create beautiful works of art, captivating works of writing, and the most beautiful music your ears will ever hear. An imagination created the computer you're sitting at right now to read this. If you use your imagination and have big dreams you can create the most amazing things. Make a change in the world. 

So dream big, because as I've said before, life's too short. So dream your biggest dreams and chase after them. 

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