Deep, irrelevant. Or maybe relevant?

   I'd really like to apologize to anyone who is annoyed by my posts. They're usually all deep and full of my personal thoughts and opinions that you may not want to read. I wish I could be that blogger who's up to date on the latest fashion trends, and cute hair styles and posts her professional photos and is loved by everyone but, I'm not that kind of blogger. My photos are average, my posts aren't bubbly and funny and make you smile. They're my thoughts. It's like a journal of me. It's like all my thoughts and emotions jumbled up into one big mess of paragraphs that I hope make an impression. I'm not bubbly, I'm not one of those outgoing girls who can talk to everyone and is always up to date on everything. I'm really shy actually. If you met me in person, you'd probably be shocked at how quiet and shy and nervous I am. I'd probably mumble hi to you and let you talk. I've always been a better listener than a talker when it comes to conversations. 

  I always hope that my posts are relevant to things other teen girls are going through. I don't have a whole lot of life experiences to compare my posts too, but I do know a thing or two. I know that 99.9% of the things I post about are things I'm feeling or going through. I know that most of the reason I post on here is to vent. Vent about things I'm going through. It may be foggy exactly what I'm going through but, I appreciate those of you who read and get something out of my venting. 

  I only have the best intentions when it comes to my posting. I'm here to glorify God, shine His light, and tell you a bit about me in the process. My blog has never had much about my family just because, it always felt weird posting about them. Maybe it's because I feel like the internet world is a totally separate world from the real world. Maybe it's because I don't want to say anything that'll embarrass them or hurt them or even just say things about them without their permission. 

  Maybe my posts are irrelevant to you and that's okay. I'm not here to please everyone. I'm not here to be relevant. I'm here for me. I'm here to express my shy self in a way that I've never been able to before. Conversations don't come easy to me. Neither do friends. So this is kind of my way of voicing my feelings and frustrations. If you don't like my blog that's fine, you don't have to read it. Simple as that. 

  I hope at least some people get something out of what I say. I hope you can say, "Hey, she understands me" or "Hey, maybe I'm not the only one." I don't know for sure. I'm just being me and hoping someone gets something out of what I have to say.


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Why Dreamer?

   I have a specific reason for the name of this blog. I've had many names for my different blogs. There was Butterfly Dreams, there was Forever Love, plenty of different names. None of them seemed to fit perfectly. They were all either too needy sounding, too overused, too similar to other blogger's names, I needed something for me. I'm sure there's another blog somewhere called Dreamer, let's face it, it's a wonderful name, but the reasons I have are sort of personal I guess. 

  All my life I've been a dreamer. From the very beginning. I remember when I was little I used to just be standing somewhere staring off in the distance daydreaming about something. I used to daydream to the point where people would have to repeatedly call my name before I'd actually realize they were talking to me. It's a habit. I've always had big dreams. I have little ones too the big ones are just more prominent. They stand out more than the others. 

  I think everyone has a dream. Everyone always wants to be something or have something. Dreams are universal. I think the difference is, there are the go-getter dreamers and then there are the dreamers who don't chase after theirs. Some people are willing to do anything for their dream while others just leave them dreams. 

  I've always been private about the specifics of the dreams I have. I have them, I'm just not very vocal about what they are. I keep them private. Like wishes. Almost like, if I say them, they won't come true. 

  I don't know if I'll chase after any of my dreams. That's dependent on if they're God's plan for me. And if I can get over my shyness to pursue something extraordinary and wonderful. 

  I've heard people who dream as much as I do accused of "having their head in the clouds" and "needing to come back down to reality." I don't agree with either of those statements. I think everyone needs to dream. It can help you through the worst of times. It also helps your imagination. Your imagination is powerful and wonderful and can do amazing things if you use it. It's a fantastic God-given tool that has made some amazing things. Imaginations can create beautiful works of art, captivating works of writing, and the most beautiful music your ears will ever hear. An imagination created the computer you're sitting at right now to read this. If you use your imagination and have big dreams you can create the most amazing things. Make a change in the world. 

So dream big, because as I've said before, life's too short. So dream your biggest dreams and chase after them. 

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Life's too short

    The phrase '"life's too short" is used a lot, but it's because it's true. Life is too short. Not too short in the aspect that it needs to be longer, too short that, the time you have is way too precious to waste. 

    Life's too short to worry. About anything. You shouldn't worry about the little things. Don't sweat it. Life is gonna work out just as God intended and you will be okay. No matter what happens to you he's always there for you. Worrying is just a waste of your precious time. There are many more valuable things to do with your time than worry.

   Life's too short to be hateful or judgmental. I think one of the biggest problems with tolerance these days is that, the definition of tolerance has changed. It's gone from, tolerating to, I'll like you if you agree with me, but I won't like you and I'll judge you if you don't. I'm not saying everyone does this, it's just what I've witnessed with certain individuals. Being hateful isn't right. Neither is judging people based on your beliefs or what you think you know about somebody. You never know what lies beneath the surface. You have to really know a person before you can judge them for yourself.

   Life's too short to worry what other people think about you. Even though we all know we shouldn't be judgmental and we try our hardest, there are still those people out there who are going to try and tear you down. Don't let them get you down. Your self image shouldn't come from what others think of you, it should come from what you and God think about you. You're wonderful. You're amazing. God's proud of you. He loves you.

  Life is way, way, WAY too short to be totally engrossed in work or school. You need a break sometimes. Do something for you! Don't get so consumed with work, or school, or anything else, that you don't have time for you. Do something fun! Hang out with friends! Anything! Everyone needs some rest and relaxation sometimes. So go for it! Have fun! It's summer, everything changes :) (There's your totally stupid High School Musical quote for today). That doesn't just go for doing something for yourself, do something for your family. Do something with your family. Whether it's just to make a simple phone call to a loved one far away, or to spend the day just being with your family. 

I don't know how many people actually read my blog, but life's too short to not post due to the fact that I feel like nobody cares what's going on on my little blog here. But you know, I don't care anymore. I like blogging. I care about my readers/followers and it brings a smile to my face each time I see the views on here inching upward. It's nice. I love all of you and you're wonderful and amazing. I shall continue to post whether I have 0 readers or 1,000,000 readers. 


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My heart aches for you.

I hate seeing people hurt by what others say. Does nobody comprehend, "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all?" Or do they just not care. 

I know I've said plenty of times not to let what others think of you affect what you think of yourself, and it's true, it's just hard not to. In our human minds we need acceptance. We need to be liked. We need to know what people think, and it hurts to know when people don't like us or don't agree with us. Now, I can understand judgment when it's constructive criticism meant to help you, but when it turns into nasty hateful things that hurt people it's just unacceptable to me. I'm sorry if you have nothing better to do with your time than to belittle me and hurt MY feelings than you really need God. You need to know what he thinks about your hurting others.

A long time ago when I was really little I saw a lot of other kids my age being made fun of or getting their feelings hurt and I always made a point not to say anything hurtful to anyone. Because I know how much things can hurt and I'd hate to think anyone was hurt because of something I said or simply because I was in a bad mood and snapped at someone.

I love all people. I'm nice to all people because, I don't let hurtful things slip out of my mouth because I know how much it can hurt. I choose to be nice to everyone. If everyone made that decision, this world would be way better off and people would get their feelings hurt a lot less. 

My heart aches for everyone who's constantly hurting because of hateful comments. The hateful comments usually being spewed by the people who need God or just need to follow the "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" rule. For those of you who are hurting because of hateful comments, everything will be okay. Don't let it get you down. God loves you and someone on this earth loves you too and I'm praying for you to feel better. And for those of you hurting others, I'll be praying for you too. 


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