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         I'm Kelsey. I know you probably already know who I am but, this is me. This is my blog. I'm reintroducing myself to you. Because, I've gotten way off track with blogging. 

        Who am I? I'm the girl who calls animals Mr. or Miss or Mrs. when she sees them (i.e. Hello Mr Turtle). I'm the girl who's favorite animals are owls and turtles just because they're adorable. I'm the girl who'd rather take pictures than have pictures taken of myself. I'm the girl who hates mayonnaise unless it's mixed in with something. I'm too dramatic. I have to wear two different socks or I get REALLY annoyed. I get ideas for random stories and write part of them but then totally forget about them. I take hundreds of pictures of the sky, and grass, and ponds. I don't look for good looking guys when I'm out and about because I'm too busy acting like a dork. I don't have any sisters, just two brothers. I'm a middle child. I treat my eight year old dog like he's a puppy. I get excited about things that don't really matter to other people. My wonderful best friend lives two thousand miles away from me. I sing very loudly in the shower and don't care if I'm bad or good. I do tons of extra school because I'm homeschooled and just wanna get it done for the summer. I love all seasons for different reasons (excuse the awkward rhyme there). My favorite feature of mine is my eyes. I never let my toenails go unpainted because if they are, I think they look naked. I read books A LOT! My birthday is in May. I love pretzels. Candy is a major guilty pleasure of mine. I could go on but, I think that'll suffice. So there's me :) 

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