But the Lord said to Samuel, "Do not consider his                    
              appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The
              Lord does not look at the things people look at. People
              look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the  
                     1 Samuel 16:7

        I was reading my Bible the other day and happened to come upon this verse. The last part stood out to me. "People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." I had read this verse before, but I never really read it for real. I had skimmed across it, but never took in the actual meaning. 

                So many of us are insecure about how we look.  We think we weigh too much or too little. Or maybe we should put makeup on to cover that little blemish up. Or our clothes aren't "stylish" enough. In reality, who are we trying to please? Our goal in this life should be to please God. Serve God. When we think about our outward appearance, we're trying to please people. I'm not saying you shouldn't take pride in your appearance, I'm saying it just doesn't matter nearly as much as having a good heart. You should take pride in your appearance but, you shouldn't let it consume your every thought. Because, in the end, what matters more? That you looked good on the outside or that you had a good heart on the inside? Personally, I'd rather be known for having a good heart than wearing the latest designer clothes or how well my makeup was done.

              Why do people look at the outward appearance anyway? Because we've been told by television, magazines and movies all our lives that we need to look our best, and be a size two but make sure we're healthy all at the same time? Those models out there on magazines aren't as healthy as you might think. Yeah, they have "gorgeous" bodies and yeah, they seem flawless. They're beautiful, but everyone's beautiful. Not just them.  

             My whole life, I've felt like people have been telling me I need to be this and I need to be that. No, I need to be me. I need to be a person who has a servant's heart and lives for God. People shouldn't define us. God's love defines us. Because his love for us is so strong, he died for us. How many people will do that for you? Honestly? You shouldn't be defined by what society thinks of you. Or what t.v. and movies and magazines tell you you should be. 

           I want to have a good heart. I want to work harder on having a good heart and a steady relationship with the one who died for me than on my outward appearance. I'm a teenage girl so obviously I am going to obsess over my appearance. All of us do and will, but why? Why do we obsess over it so much. In the long run, our appearance doesn't matter. Only we do. Our personalities and what we do for God matters. Because that's why we're here. To serve God. We have free will to choose what to do. 

          I didn't write this to tell you what I think you should do. I wrote this because I'm telling you my opinion. This verse is amazing when you really look at the meaning behind it. God doesn't care what we look like. He doesn't care if we have messy hair, and no makeup and we hang out in sweat pants all day. If you have a good heart, your outward appearance doesn't matter. Besides, who cares if you hang out in sweat pants all day? They're comfy! And you're still just as amazing whether you're wearing sweatpants or designer jeans.

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