Sometimes, I get ideas for posts on here and then, by the time I actually get on here to post them, I forget them. It stinks because some of them make me think, "Wow, that could actually turn out pretty good." Then, I forget them. 

              I'm sure there's inspiration everywhere I just have to find it. To find something interesting, focus on it, and post about it. It can take anywhere from an hour to a whole week just to think up some clever post for you. 

              I miss the days when I had my original blogger blog. (I was on HomeStead Blogger before but, that's another story). :) Butterfly Dreams. I was inching closer to sixty followers. Sixty. It's not 1,000 like those fantastic, popular bloggers but, it was my circle of friends who liked reading what I had to say. It's a shame I deleted it because, I'd go back and read to try and find what people liked so much. The reason could be that I don't put enough effort into my blog anymore. Before, I spent every hour of every day trying to find something interesting to post about, or worrying to check and see if I won a giveaway. 

              Personally, I think one of the biggest parts of getting more followers is being honest. Being myself. Not trying to be the other blogger girls who are so popular because, I'm not them. I'm me. I'm Kelsey. Nobody else is exactly like me. I think that's amazing. That no two people are exactly alike. Maybe there are similarities but there aren't two of the exact same person. Identical twins aren't even exactly the same. They have different likes and dislikes. I like the fact that I'm me. That I'm unique. All of us are. I like the fact that I have a specific, wonderful, undiscovered purpose in this world. Because, I know I wouldn't be here if God didn't have a plan for my life. I'll just have to discover it. In time I will but, for now I'll enjoy being a teenager.

         I feel like I have to post something inspiring and interesting on here to keep whoever reads this reading. Like, maybe you won't want to read anymore if I don't write something interesting and deep and meaningful. Then, there's the other times where I feel like all I do is try and tell you how to live your life and being too inspirational, and too desperate for you to like me at the same time.

         This may not have been the most inspirational, wonderful, amazing post ever but, it let me say some things. I'm happy with that.

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